Ship Facts of " Alanzo I"
Length : 49.50 m
Breadth : 9.80 m
Draugth : 3.00 m
Gross tons approx. : 600
Speed approx. : 10 KN
Main Engine : 2 * 450 BHP
Crew : 17
Passengers : 12
Suites : 9

The Alanzo I is equipped with two main engines 450 BHP each. Also equipped with two marine propeller and a bow thruster it has excellent navigation qualities.
The Chinese Junk "Alanzo I" is unique – it is a reproduction of a historic and notorious pirat-junk from 1834, the Red Dragon.

What also makes Alanzo I so specific?
Inside she is a top class hotelboat! We offer two Owner-suites located on the toplevel deck and sized approx. 540 sqft with a
balcony each, two suites located on the 3rd level deck and sized 320 sqft (including bathroom) and five approx. 320 sqft
deluxe-suites. There are also a luxurious mess room, a salon, a lobby and a wonderful roof-restaurant, embellished on a grand scale.

Two balkonies on each side of the ship will make you nearly flying above the water. You can take your breakfast there or have lunch and dinner and, of course, you can sunbathe. The Alanzo I is a unique boat in many respects, which has never existed before.

There is a suite in egypt style, another one in arabic style, others in chinese, japanese, indian, maroccan, classical baroque, caribean style and style of the Inka era.

The "Alanzo I" will start its Maiden Voyage from the end of 2008 in seven 2-weeks-sections. So you have the chance to come on board of the Alanzo I at different times and different places and go along the Alanzo I on its first journey
more info see "Maiden Voyage"

The Alanzo I has space for 12 guests. So we would recommend to make a reservation for the Maiden Voyage as soon as possible. Do not hesitate and book in time!

There is no ship like the "Alanzo I".
Join us for a journey, you otherwise can only watch on TV. The beaches of your dreams and friendly, lighthearted and courteous people are waiting for you.
Finally we would like to invite you to watch us building the chinese junk Alanzo I. We continously provide new pictures of the construction state on this website.

more info see "Photo-Gallery" under "Our Junk"